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Mamma's Bruschetta Blend 1.5 oz

Mamma's Bruschetta Blend 1.5 oz
Product Code: bruschetta
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We've created a beautiful, aromatic herb blend dubbed "Mamma's Bruschetta Blend" as it is a recipe straight from Mom's cookbooks! 
Our blend includes a mixture of dried tomato flakes, garlic, oregano and other spices perfect for any use!ir
HOW TO USE: Mix 2 Tbs. of mix and add 3 Tbs. of hot water to loosen herbs prior to adding extra virgin olive oil. Let the water and herbs stand for approximately 5 minutes then add 4 Tbs. of extra virgin olive oil and mix well!
FAMILY TIP:  Add a little parmesan cheese and let the flavor blend for a phenomenal bread dipper that will have the whole family nuts! 

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