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Black Olive & Garlic Fettuccine: Handcrafted Locally 12oz.

Black Olive & Garlic Fettuccine: Handcrafted Locally 12oz.
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Handcrafted Pasta in Charlottesville, VA

Our pasta is made "the old fashioned way". The dough is kneaded and sheeted in large laminating rollers. After it is rolled to a thin sheet it is cut and hung to dry for 24-36 hours. Then the pasta is dropped and hand packed into 12 oz. bags made with family love and antiquated recipes!


Great for a homemade tomato sauce, creamy mushroom sauce with vegetables or straight Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil with grassy notes and freshly grated pecorino on top (don't forget black olives)! This is one of our best-selling pastas and with its rich flavor is perfect for any recipe!

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