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Olives For Paws EVOO 6oz

Olives For Paws EVOO  6oz
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Fresh from the tree to your canine companion!



- Olives for Paws is a nutritional dietary supplement for your canine companion that assists in coat conditioning, as well as promoting a healthy coat by reducing the effects of dry, itchy skin. Our organic Ultra Premium extra virgin olive oil is used to create this supplement made of the highest quality extra virgin available which is why we believe in the power of its health benefits attributed to your canine. 

Extra virgin olive oil has (3) chemical components crucial to your dog's health:

1. omega 3/6s for reduction of fat build up

2. high antioxidants preventing many forms of cancer

3. oleic acid helping to regulate internal functions


Oral instructions: Apply recommended dosage to pet food daily; refer to weight category for increments given.

Topical instructions: Apply in areas 2-3x daily in areas that look itcy, dry or rough. You may prepare a dilution ratio with water by using 5-10 tsp of extra virgin olive oil and 1 gallon of water massaging into the skin. 

Animal Weight Dosage:

1-10 lbs. -1/4 tsp

11-20 lbs.- 1/2 tsp

21-40 lbs.- 1 tsp.

41-60 lbs. - 1 TBS.

61+ lbs. - 2 TBS.


Medical Disclaimer: Our product is supported by veterinarian and veterinary dermatologists and recommended with scientific research to improve the health benefit in canine's coat quality. Under the Olive Tree is not responsible for any problems arising from the use or misuse of the product. Each canine companion is unique and we recommend you contact your veterinarian, should any health or behavior problems arise. 


Should you like to contact our canine specialist, please email 


Extra Virgin Olive Oil pressed November 2015, specially selected for dog diet and topical use.

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