Yukon Potato & Leek

Nothing compares to a warm, homemade soup in the winter when the temperatures drop. Try this recipes with you family and give them something warm they will love!


1 large or 2 small leeks, about 1 pound
2 bay leaves
1 large yellow onion/4 cloves of garlic
4 sprigs fresh thyme
2 strips bacon, chopped
5 c. chicken stock
1 to 1 1/4 pounds russet potatoes, diced
1 1/2 tsp. salt
3/4 tsp. pepper pepper
1/2 to 3/4 c. creme fraiche or heavy cream
2 Tbs. snipped chives
5 Tbs. Garlic EVOO
3 Tbs. White Balsamic Vinegar



1. Dice onions, add Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil and sauté in a pot on medium until they are a yellowish color then add the garlic and sauté for another 2 minutes. Add bacon and sauté for another 8-10 minutes until the bacon looks cooked. Proceed to add leeks, White Balsamic Vinegar, chives, salt, pepper, thyme and bay leaves.
2. Add chicken broth to mixture and then potatoes and cook on a slow simmer for 25 minutes allowing flavors to blend.

3. Add cream to soup mixture and let simmer for another 10 minutes. Use an electric food process to puree the mixture until uniform consistency then serve. Drizzle with a bit more olive oil and garnish with parsley.



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